Neuro Breath Voice Optimisation is an original wellness training program created by Dean Frenkel – all natural, drug-free and even herb-free. It includes elements of Buteyko Technique, Yoga, Prana Yama and specialized Didgeridoo Breathing. It awakens and develops dormant respiratory and vocal muscles and improves functioning by at least 30% for most people. It is fortified breath training for a better life.

Neuro Breath Voice Optimisation is beneficial for:

  • Asthma
  • Ex-smokers
  • Singers
  • Actors
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • People lacking energy
  • Sleep Apnea
  • People recovering from illness
  • Performance improvement
Wellness Breathing

Neuro Breath Voice Optimisation

Neuro Breath Voice Optimisation began in 2005 when Dean successfully devised his own personal training program in pursuit of the Guinness world record for longest continuous vocal note. He achieved his world record (57 secs) on ABC TV’s Enough Rope in 2005 and held it until 2009 – the previous WR was 29.03 secs. In 2008 he adapted the training program into Neuro Breath Voice Optimisation.

Neuro Breath Voice Optimisation improves strength, fitness and stretches boundaries. Training includes regular coaching sessions and some regular practice – the full course is 8 sessions. It comprises a strategic set of individually chosen breathing exercises to train breath control, improve respiratory functioning, release tension, eliminate bad patterns and add new functional patterns. Participants have the added option of choosing to learn to play didgeridoo, the world’s most potent musical instrument for wellness.

Visually impaired choirmaster Leigh Wigglesworth OAM reading vocal muscles.

Visually impaired choirmaster Leigh Wigglesworth OAM reading vocal muscles.

Neuro Breath Voice Optimisation

  • Fortifies the breath
  • Extends breathing capacity
  • Develops respiratory muscle control
  • Trains exhalation
  • Strengthens the respiratory muscles
  • Activates and strengthens vocal muscles
  • Re-patterns breathing skills
  • Extends fitness boundaries and breath duration
  • Releases tension
  • Relaxes and energises
  • Develops controlled breathing skills

When Grace Ambrook began Neuro Breath Voice Optimisation training in December 2014 she couldn’t play didgeridoo and her longest vocal breath was timed at 23 seconds. But a consequence of regular sessions with Dean and regular practice, she has now broken 60 seconds and is in super condition.

Permission has been granted through Leila Gurruwiwi from her grandfather Djalu Gurruwiwi, Elder of the Galpu Clan, to Dean and participants of all genders to learn didgeridoo for Neuro Breath Voice Optimisation.

Hunter Valley resident Lachlan Phelps began learning didgeridoo with Dean on Skype at 13 years of age. For these long distance classes Dean taught him breath technique on didgeridoo, which included having his longest didge breath timed twice weekly. A year later Lachlan made world news when he achieved his Guinness world record for longest didgeridoo breath – 65.6 seconds.

This demonstrates how NBV optimisation can work for a range of people from the healthy (inc athletes, singers and musicians) who want to extend their breathing abilities, to people who have compromised health and aspire to improve their breathing skills and quality of life.

The program is easy to learn, natural and is well monitored. Impact can usually be seen within a week, identifiable impact within a month, significant impact within 2-3 months and long-term benefits with continued participation.

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