Dean Frenkel

Dean Frenkel

NBV Program Pioneer

Speech Coach

Recording Artist


University Lecturer


Harmonic Singer

Singing Teacher



Dean Frenkel is a breathing, speech and vocal expert and pioneer of the Neuro Breath Voice Optimisation program. NBV was developed over 18 years of training clients to maximise their breath and voice skills. Dean is also an author, writer and one of the world’s best harmonic overtone singers. His client/students have won awards for opera, country, rock and broadcasting and achieved Guinness World Records. Appointed Visiting Fellow for The Vocal Group at WAAPA (one of Australia’s top arts academies) in 2007 and lectured and tutored in Public Speaking and Communications at Victoria University.

Dean can be commissioned for: Private coaching sessions (Private or on Skype) Group workshops and presentations. Contact Information and Bookings: Ph:+61 3 0409 355321 / Email:


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